Gregory Sewage Ejector Systems can be described is a rugged, dependable, non clogging and odourless pumping system that is designed to handle solids in suspension such as raw sewage and trade waste. One of the exclusive features of this system is the ability to supply air pressure from the compressor to the pot and vent the pot after discharge, through one single pipe without the use of additional valves, when used with a liquid ring compressor.

The GSE is capable of discharging 210 litres of raw sewage in 30 seconds or less, or 500 litres in 45 seconds (per pot) depending on the discharge head pressure and the size of the compressor used.

The compressor is stopped while the pot is filling. When it is full the compressor starts and builds pressure within the pot and evacuates the contents of the pot. Once the timer shuts the compressor off the pot begins to fill again and the cycle is repeated.

Gregory Sewage Ejector Systems can be supplied as single, duplex or triplex package systems or as required.